Explore from your web browser

Use a basic, data-oriented web interface to navigate Tiled.

Explore from Python

Install and use Tiled's Python client from Python, IPython, or Jupyter.

$ pip install "tiled[client]"
$ python
>>> from tiled.client import from_uri
>>> client = from_uri("https://tiled-demo.blueskyproject.io")

Explore the API

Tiled includes interactive OpenAPI documentation you can use in your web browser.

The Tiled API can be accessed from any Internet-connected software, including graphical programs that accept URLs and commandline utilities like wget and curl.


For tutorials, guides, and more details, see Tiled's project documentation.

Like Jupyter Notebook, Tiled is something you can easily run yourself, on your laptop. Tiled can also scale up for large multi-user deployment, like JupyterHub.